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Islam: Zero Tolerance in Ground Zero

Islam: Zero Tolerance in Ground Zero

The surreptitious goal of Islam is to somehow convey an utterly false message  that its creed steadfastly pursues a wide number of peaceful objectives. Another goal of that creed is to foster the belief that the structures, symbols, idols and signs of other religious institutions are a curse upon some creature called Allah. Mohammed, the founder of Islam, promoted these objectives by insisting that the Muslim terrorists must only honor their own structures and simultaneously reject the use of any signs, symbols and idols. One has to wonder about this man sanity and downright hypocrisy when it was altogether clear that he not only kissed the black stone in the pagan Kaaba but licked it as well. Many Hindus find Mohammed’s bizarre behavior quite amusing, when he of all people inspired his Muslim terrorists to them because they practiced what seems to be Allah’s worst nightmare – idolatry. Therefore, it must be that Mohammed must have had an ulterior motive for perpetrating the killing of innocent people. Could it be that this genuinely misinformed Arab prophet was so desperate for fame that he psychologically inured himself against the terrible harm he would cause to both his victims and his followers?

Islamic Invasion of America

Islamic Invasion of America

No doubt, Mohammed, the founder of Islam had long discovered that many of his objectives were totally unattainable. Such a revelation was easy to come by especially if he had planned to use peaceful means alone to institute them. That experience had come to him via Christianity, which after 650 years and counting of rabid preaching, was unable to eradicate the pagan religious practices. Now, a discerning student of Islam would surely know that the one unmistakable problem that plagued Mohammed throughout his life was his inability to accept rejection. It is no wonder that the wily so-called prophet cooked up a barbaric scheme in which he offered seventy-two virgins in his fairytale paradise to any terrorist who would engage in one night of fighting on behalf of his creed. As a matter of Islamic fact he went so far as to say that that one night of fighting was equivalent to 2000 years of prayer. Judging from the response of 1.6 billion Muslim terrorists to that call they must obviously love turning structures into dust and plotting the deaths of those whom their religion considers as infidels, unbelievers, idolaters etc. Still, it just goes to show how the promise of a virgin will completely turn a decent person into a stark raving lunatic.

Of course, it may well be that the non-believers’ (kafirs) perception of Islam is merely an illusion. Perhaps, the 9/11 event involving the brutal destruction of the Twin Towers was an accident or a one time event. It may well be that Muslims are speaking the truth when they fervently claim that Mohammed had not championed such violent acts. They may even be correct in claiming that Mohammed, who was duty bound to convey the so-called last wishes of Allah, merely wanted to build a Mosque in every corner of the world and establish the lifestyle, culture and sharia laws very much like that of 7th Century Arabia.

According to these scholars, nothing could be more peaceful than such an act especially when it promises to make peace reign supreme on this planet. While it would be pointless to claim that the Muslim terrorists of Mohammed’s  days were the most backwards, antiscientific and antirational people on the  planet, it is, nevertheless, important to remember that these very people had bolstered Mohammed’s creed. The truth of the matter is that the children of those ignorant Muslim converts are hardly more advanced even to this day. Indeed, for all of the inanity of the Arabian prophet claims, his equally inane followers seek to erect mosques throughout the world as if their creed alone is the last hope for finding God. By far, the most troubling aspect of this endeavor is that every Muslim will deny what they surreptitiously know in their hearts and minds. Sure enough, with every bow that they make to Allah, Muslims know that both Allah and Mohammed were uncontrollably giddy about the prospect of fomenting murder and mayhem in every society that rejected their beliefs. It could not be otherwise because such a strategy continued after Mohammed had died. Of course, it would be a boldface lie to claim that Mohammed had rejected violence in his own lifetime because the evidence is glorified in the history books of Muslims. As a matter of fact, he had participated – albeit rather cowardly – in many of the battles which saw innocent women and children being raped and murdered in his insane effort to promote Islam. Lest there be any confusion, he actually demanded one-fifth of the war booty from his terrorist’s savage escapades. Not only was he the chief distributor of the spoils of war but he also participated in the raping of the unfortunate widows whom his terrorist had captured.  Now, it is still the fancy of people like Barrack Obama and George Bush to entertain the option that Islam is a peaceful religion. This is quite understandable when one realizes that some people are brainwashed into believing that God acts in all religions to bring about peace and harmony. Yet, in reality, the untold violence perpetrated by Muslims terrorists is neither based on the terrorists own fancies nor their victims’ faults. Very definitely, such a call to violence stems directly from the teachings of Islam and is absolutely  contained both in the Quran and hadiths. This is the reason that within the very lifetime of Mohammed not only Mecca was overthrown but also all the surrounding neighborhoods were put under the sword to achieve Mohammed’s petty desires.

Now, if Islam was a peaceful religion one would naturally expect that the violence would have ended and then peace would break out. But what we have instead are countries as far away as Egypt being brutally conquered and demolished. In Egypt alone the raping of women was in such a heatedly lustful state that within a century of be conquered that country’s gene pool which was clearly non-Arabic became entirely Arabic. Such was the penchant for orgies among the Muslim barbarians.

One would have thought that after such a savage episode, Muslim terrorists would surely come to their senses and concentrate on more religious things such as praying five times daily etc. However, when a religion survives on lies and deception, it is only a matter of time before sane people will uncover the truth behind its existence. One of the most glaring lies in Islam has to do with the Muslim call to prayer. The truth of the matter is that that call is based on a gigantic fraud. We have seen already that Mohammed preferred terrorism to prayer as evidenced in his claim that one night of fighting is equivalent to 2000 years of prayer. This ideology is further corroborated by the fact that the Quran absolutely does not require Muslim terrorists to pray five times daily. What then is the incentive for those savages to end it call for jihad or endless war against the unbeliever? Genuinely, the fact that Islam has no mechanism for instituting peace is the very reason that incidents like the Mumbai bombings and 9/11 are still ongoing.

Indeed, despite the Muslim terrorists’ hollow denial, history is replete with examples of violence accompanying their accursed religion as far afield as India, China and Indonesia. In India alone countless temples were destroyed and mosques were built on those very sites. This it turns out was standard Islamic practice. Few can deny that the practice began with Mohammed who hijacked his pagan brethren’s Kaaba and converted it into a Muslim shrine. Next in what became a pattern of similar behavior the Muslim terrorists built the Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple mound of the Jews. How then can any Muslim terrorist claim that his or her religion is peaceful when an overwhelming preponderance of evidence shows otherwise?

It is terrible enough that an ancient Shiva temple was razed so that a despicable Muslim tomb called the Taj Mahal could be erected on its very foundation. Nevertheless, the erection of the Babri Mosque in Ayodhya, during the 16th Century, on the very birthplace of a Hindu Avatar – Lord Rama – must count as the greatest insult to the Hindus. If nothing else this is yet another telling example of how Muslim terrorists seek to show dominance of their religion. The salient point is that despite what the Muslim terrorists claim, the irrefutable archaeological evidence reveals that the Ram Janma Bhoomi Temple was destroyed by their brethren in the 12th Century. As one may imagine the Hindus did not remain deferential to their plight. From the time the Temple was stolen and destroyed they had fought roughly eighty battles and lost over 300,000 men in an attempt to regain control. Finally, they destroyed the Babri mosque on December 6, 1992 and took what must be considered their rightful property.

proposed mosque at ground zero

Proposed Site for the "Victory" Mosque

Indubitably, Hindu Americans have a great deal of wisdom to impart when it comes to matters pertaining to the building of a Mosque near ground zero. The actions of the terrorists are employing smacks of the selfsame ones that Muslims have used throughout history to humiliate the pagans and Hindus, during the times they had destroyed thousands upon thousands of religious sites. Now it seems that America is about to learn that same lesson. While the Twin Towers were by no means religious structures, they represented everything that the Muslims hate about the infidels – prosperity, success, sound ideology, technological superiority and religious tolerance etc. Sure enough, many brainwashed Muslim terrorists would love for everyone to believe that Islam complements America’s democracy in every sense of the word. But any student of Islam will know that Muslims usually talk a great game of peace when they are the underdogs. Yet in countries like Pakistan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia – to name a few – they will practically kill anyone who wishes to erect a Hindu Temple or even a Church for that matter. This is in part the reasons that they cannot be trusted. After all, if Islam is truly a religion that had come from God then why are its followers so scared of religious competition? Therefore, it must be that Islam is not a religion but really a terrorist organization.

Perhaps, the most important reason that Islam is not a religion but rather a terrorist organization can be gleaned from its handiworks. Violence is the order of the day as witnessed by the Iraq/Iran war and all the atrocities caused throughout its history. One has only to study history to discover the staggering number of violent incidents that has been pertrated on behalf of Islam. Yet, there are many terrorists like Fareed Zakiria, who would pretend that 9/11 was an anomaly and that Muslim violence has subsided considerably. This fool evidently wants to brainwash people that the Mumbai bombings and twenty-one or more terrorists’ attacks in India not to mention the mob rule of Muslims in Kashmir are inconsequential. In so doing, these terrorists seek to justify the building of a mosque near the site of the greatest cowardly act that Muslims have hitherto perpetrated on American soil. Clearly nobody should be fooled by such deviousness.

The building of the mosque near ground zero has nothing to do with worshipping God. It is Islam’s way of showing that in spite of the beatings that it has suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan it has begin the slow process of taking over America. The central point however is that it is important to recognize that this endeavor has spawned another Babri mosque like event. Just as it had done to the Hindus the proposed building of the mosque is designed to mock, and infuriate Americans for hundreds of years. Discretion dictates that the struggle to stop the building of the mosque or to destroy it even it if it is ever built will go on for centuries. Nevertheless, nobody should be fooled that many will lose their lives over the decision to build the Mosque.

In sum, many Hindus, who have carefully considered this matter, believe that  such a mosque would be eventually bombed just as the Hindus had done to the  Babri mosque. After all, it is a foregone conclusion the price that the Americans have paid at the Twin Towers cannot be repaid with the symbol of the enemy standing over it. Therefore, in the interest of real peace, which Islam falsely claims, Muslim  terrorists should forget about building a mosque and use their Global Positioning Satellites to locate the grave site of their insane Arabian prophet and worship his dead carcass to their hearts content.

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